DML FAQ : Body : How do I remove the inner door panels on a GenIII?

How do I remove the inner door panels on a GenIII?

Looks fairly simple according to the FSM:

  1. Roll windows down
  2. Remove window crank - this takes the special flat tool to push the pin off the crank. A sock works wonders for popping this "C" shaped pin off. Watch where the pin goes though as it will fly.
  3. Remove screws attaching trim panel to door. Looks like four screws. Two at the bottom corners, one at the top of the triangular piece by the mirror and one hidden behind the door handle. The screws will be both phillips and #15 (I think) torx driver.
  4. Simultaneously lift upward and outward to release retainer steps from inner door panels. REPEAT - do not pull out, lift up and out! The retainer clips are "L" shaped and lifting up an inch will release the door panel.
  5. Disengage inside handle linkage rod from inside handle. Lift and swing the white retainer clip
  6. Disconnect speaker harness wire connector.
  7. Disengage power mirror wire connector, if equipped (driver's side only).
  8. Disengage clips attaching power window/lock switch panel to door trim panel. disengage wire connector from switch panel, if equipped.
  9. Separate door trim panel from vehicle.

Installation is the reverse.

Contributed by: Cal Hyer, Chuck Robbins
Last updated: Wed Mar 27 08:13:36 2002