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What are those awful noises my GenIII makes when turning?

I picked up my '01 from the dealer last night. I had them investigate the noise making a full left turn (also does it with a full right turn) -- full meaning against the stops on the knuckle. They kept is overnight so they could investigate it further as they verified everything was tight. Turns out it is a design flaw.


What is happening is the lower control arm is rubbing against the steering knuckle during a full turn. As the suspension moves through its motion, the noise we hear is metal against metal. They greased up the areas but that's about all they can do. DC gave us an incredible turn radius, but in doing so they must have forgotten a simply design study (especially with CATIA it's easy) to take the suspension through it's motion while against the stop. As a designer in the automotive industry I have done this type of studies before. There is nothing that forces the design teams to do this type of checking, just good design practice.

I had another DAK while they were looking at mine. This one also makes the same noises. I tried to create the sound just sitting in the driveway by turning the wheel al the way to the left and pushing on the fender. Only problem is I can not do this my myself as the steering wheel will not stay in the full turn position when you turn off the key. With the wheel almost at the stop I didn't see any interference while under the truck.

Sorry about the 'bad' news, but at least we know what is going on. "Normal noise."

Here are some pictures of the offending parts:

Steering interference
Steering interference
Steering interference

Contributed by: Sean Sevrence
Last updated: Wed Jul 25 21:09:03 2001