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DML FAQ : Electronics

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Can I install the overhead trip computer if I didn't get it from the factory? Oct 15, 2003
Does the Jet Stage II chip require the use of premium gas? Jul 22, 2001
How can I hardwire accessories, instead of having to plug them in? Jul 22, 2001
How can I have my foglights on with my high beams? Nov 19, 2001
How can I recalibrate my instrument cluster? Oct 13, 2002
How can I reset my PCM after completing a mod or to clear codes? Jul 22, 2001
How can I retrieve codes from the computer? Mar 25, 2002
How do I reprogram my Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)? Mar 25, 2002
How does the battery temperature sensor interact with the PCM? Dec 16, 2001
How long does the PCM take to learn after being reset? Oct 25, 2001
IAT values for the 4.7L engine Oct 13, 2002
Intermittent: GenII stalling while driving, will not run, no power to the computer, will not start. Mar 28, 2002
Is it true that after 3 starts with the MIL that the dealer's DRB tool will be needed to clear the code? Dec 28, 2001
What is the speed limiter on the Mopar Performance PCM? Oct 15, 2001
What's the pinout on a relay? Oct 13, 2002
Who is Mike Leach, and what services/products does he offer? Oct 15, 2001
Will an MSD ignition system give me more power? I've heard some people get less power with one. Oct 16, 2001

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