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DML FAQ : Engine

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Are Mopar Performance Magnum V6 valve covers available? Sep 23, 2001
Are pre-magnum (A engine) head bolts the same as magnum head bolts? May 17, 2003
Are underdrive pullies OK to use? Will I have charging problems? Jul 22, 2001
Can I use LA valve covers on a Magnum engine? Jul 22, 2001
Can I use the Nitrous Express Dodge V6/4cly. 50-75HP kit on my Dak? Oct 2, 2001
Cap & rotor part numbers for a Magnum 318 Nov 19, 2001
Engine gasket part numbers Jul 22, 2001
How can I clean my engine? Oct 16, 2001
How can I prevent the oil fill tube emulsion? Mar 26, 2002
How do I change my thermostat? Mar 28, 2002
How long should spark plug wires really last? Jul 22, 2001
How much longer is the 5.9L V8 than the 3.9L V6? Oct 7, 2001
How should I install new roller rockers? Oct 16, 2001
How should I install the gaskets for my spark plugs? Mar 9, 2002
I seem to have lost a lot of oil, but can't find it. Where to start? Oct 13, 2002
I'm a little stumped as to a good location for my Blaster SS coil. Oct 16, 2001
Idle Trick (Works better than blocking/disconnecting IAC Solenoid) Oct 15, 2003
My engine seems to spark knock all the time, regardless of what kind of gas I use. Jul 22, 2001
Shift Light (Idiot Light on dash) - Manual Trans ONLY Oct 15, 2003
What are good upgrade/replacement fuel injectors? Oct 15, 2001
What are the advantages to changing my roller rockers? Jul 22, 2001
What are the stock intake/exhaust valve sizes on the Magnum 318? Mar 28, 2002
What brand throttle body should I run? Jul 22, 2001
What diameter hoses do I need for my radiator? Jul 22, 2001
What do intercoolers do? Jul 22, 2001
What is a "ram-air" intake system? Oct 16, 2001
What is ping/spark knock? Oct 25, 2001
What is the head bolt torquing sequence for Magnum V8 engines? May 17, 2003
What is the priming procedure for the oiling system in my Magnum 5.2L? Oct 16, 2001
What is the stock fuel pressure for a Magnum V6 or V8? Jul 24, 2001
What mods work well for the 4.7L V8? Mar 28, 2002
What needs to be changed when I swap a 360 in place of a 318? Jul 22, 2001
What plug wires should I use? Jul 22, 2001
What resistors can I use in place of the IAT sensor? Oct 16, 2001
What spark plugs should I use, and at what gap? Jul 22, 2001
What thermostat do I need? Jul 22, 2001
What type of plastic should I use on my air intake tube? Oct 15, 2001
What would you recommend for an air cleaner setup on a GenII? Mar 28, 2002
What's the compressed thickness of the head gasket on the Magnum engines? Jul 22, 2001
When I use my block heater, my engine stumbles for a few seconds after startup Oct 15, 2003
Where and how should I relocate the IAT sensor? Dec 16, 2001
Where can I find a bore & stroke displacement chart? Nov 19, 2001
Where can I find generic information on spark plugs? Jul 22, 2001
Where is the front Oxygen sensor on the 3.9L/5.2L/5.9L engines? Jul 22, 2001
Which Fumoto oil drain valve is the correct one for my truck? Jul 22, 2001
Which engines were available in which model years? Jun 29, 2003
Who makes a good set of wire looms that fit the MSD 8.5mm wires? Jul 22, 2001
Why do I get a 300 RPM surge while using cruise control? Nov 20, 2001
Will a Ram 360 oil pan work in my Dakota? Jul 22, 2001
Will a TBI 3.9L intake manifold fit my Magnum 3.9L? Oct 17, 2001
Will using a colder thermostat cause problems with my computer? Jul 22, 2001

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