DML FAQ : Exhaust : What effect will tips have on the sound of my exhaust?

What effect will tips have on the sound of my exhaust?

From Kevin Hoegen:
Different tips (depending on overall length width etc) will make a difference in the sound, sometimes a major difference. Having a V6, I went for the lowest, meanest sound I could get. I originally went with cheap chrome slant tips on my dual exhaust, and it had a nice sound. I found a pair of Hooker dual tips which I bought. The tips each have dual 3" ports with an overall length of 14". These tips made all the difference in the overall sound of the exhaust! Basically, the more space the sound has to "bounce around", the more resonance you'll get. For a V6er, resonance is good. They even have tips shaped as megaphones to exagerate that effect.

From Nelson Colwell:
You can listen to sound clips of my spintech equipped R/T with and without a Hooker big bore tip at http://www.rtdakota.com/exhaust.html

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Contributed by: Kevin Hoegen, Nelson Colwell
Last updated: Tue Oct 16 21:11:47 2001