DML FAQ : General : How can I keep bugs out of my radiator?

How can I keep bugs out of my radiator?

For a small price of just 2 or 3 American dollars (plus tax) you can now go to your local hardware store and pick up 2 to 3 feet of 4 foot wide fiberglass window screen. Take your new (or used) screen cut to size & with a few carefully placed cable ties you now have a Custom fit Radiator Bug Screen. I just hose down the screen and its cleans up nicely! I used 4 cable ties along top and just let the screen hang down. Cut slots up from the bottom to fit around the front bumper supports and it looks great. I drove to R.I and back to Texas with it and not one bug in the radiator or in K&N filter. After cutting back some of the rubber shield on the passenger side of the radiator the K&N filter gets cool air and no bugs!!! I have a photo of it on my web site on the miscellaneous photo page. Have fun and enjoy your clean radiator.

Contributed by: Don Mallett
Last updated: Thu Mar 28 19:25:15 2002