DML FAQ : Model Years : 1992 Dodge Dakota Info
Body Regular Cab, 6.5' bed
Regular Cab, 8' bed
Club Cab, 6.5' bed
Engines Magnum 318 V8
Magnum 3.9L V6
Magnum 2.5L I4
Transmissions Manual
Options & Features

1992 was the first year to have 6-lug wheels.
The Magnum engines have redesigned heads and use MPI vs. TBI. This boosted horsepower from 125 to 175in the V6 and from 175 to 230 in the V8.
1992 and early 1993 factory Magnum cast iron exhaust manifolds are larger than later manifolds. The 1992 manifolds are 2 18" inside diameter, and the newer models are 1 7/8" inside diameter. The casting numbers for the 1992 V8 exhaust manifolds are 53006617(driver's side) and 53006618(passenger's side). The corresponding Y-Pipe must be used with these manifolds.
The casting numbers for the 1992 V6 manifolds are 53005785 (driver's side) and 53005784 (passenger side).

Common Problems

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