DML FAQ : Stereo : Has anyone put a CD changer in their center console?

Has anyone put a CD changer in their center console?

From Ken:
I installed a 12 disc JVC changer in the center console of my 98 CC with no modifications to the console. I just used one of the brackets that came with the changer unit to secure the rear portion of the changer to the console. The front portion of the changer just rests on the console itself as the console isn't completely flat. The rear bracket is enough to secure the unit as I have not heard it skip at all.

From TonyC:
Absolutely. I have a six disc in my console, mounted against the passenger side. You can run the cable under the carpet and up under the console. You will have to drill a hole in the bottom of the console to give the cable access though.

From Kevin:
I put my Kenwood 6CD changer upright in the center console. Took the whole thing out, and used a pair of angle brackets to create front mounting points, just used the console plastic for the rear. I drilled a small hole in the bottom behind the driver's seat, and ran the wire across and under the stepguards & kick panel to the radio. Took about an hour with fabbing up the brackets (2" ones, I think). Pics are on my page.

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Last updated: Tue Oct 16 21:09:35 2001