DML FAQ : Stereo : How do I remove the stereo in my '97-'00?

How do I remove the stereo in my '97-'00?

This is a fairly simple process:

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable
  2. Remove the cluster bezel (front dash & instrument panel cover)
    1. With an automatic, set the parking brake & shift trans to 1st gear
    2. With tilt steering, tilt all the way down
    3. Grab the top of the cluster panel and pull straight out towards you, just enough to clear it from the snap clips
    4. Gently pull around the edges to unsnap all the clips
    5. It will come out at this point
  3. Two screws secure the radio to the dash, looking straight at it, they are in the top right and lower left. Take out these two screws.
  4. Pull the radio out and disconnect the wiring harness (2 clips), ground wire and antenna.

Installation is the reverse. Book says the 2 screws holding the radio in should be tightened to 45 in. lbs.

Contributed by: Cal Hyer
Last updated: Thu Mar 28 19:21:15 2002