The DML FAQ - Transmission and Gears


DML FAQ : Transmission and Gears

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Can I swap a 5-speed into my automatic Dak? Jan 2, 2002
Do I need a gasket for the diff covers? Jul 22, 2001
How can I calculate my speed from engine RPM? Oct 13, 2002
How can I tell if I have an open or limited slip differential? May 17, 2003
How can I tell what gears are in my rearend? May 17, 2003
How do I know what size rear axle (gear) I have? Mar 26, 2002
How does temperature affect transmission fluid life? Oct 13, 2002
How much fluid does my NV3500 take? Mar 9, 2002
How should I break in my new transmission? Jan 6, 2002
Procedure for shifting into 4LO (Through 1999 trucks) Oct 15, 2003
What are the gear ratios on a 46RE/A-528 (727A-based OD) transmission? Oct 15, 2001
What exactly does a gear ratio mean? Oct 15, 2003
What is the difference between 3.55s and 3.92s? Aug 25, 2001
What's the proper break-in procedure for my new axle gears? Mar 28, 2002
Why do I get a clunk when shifting my automatic into reverse, and can it be fixed? Oct 15, 2003

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