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On looks alone
GenII vs. GenIII

GenII   GenIII

I think that the Gen II looks superior to the Gen III. The Gen III looks to much like something, I dunno. I like trucks that look like trucks. I guess I will have to keep my Gen II until the wheels fall off. - Justus Stull

They (Gen III's) look like Ramlets :) - Jon Smith

GEN II's RULE; PERIOD!!!!! :'B - Rich Wistozkey

How is a GenIII owner gonna say his looks better when the only parts of a GenII he has ever seen is the tailgate and rear bumper. Just as us GenII guys cant have a real opinion on GenIII's because the only parts we have ever seen is the front bumper when we look into the rearview at the track, and even that view is from a distance. - Greg Conner

I sure hope those R/T boys like the looks of a Gen II tailgate, especially the part that says 4X4 cuz there aint many that have NOT been staring at it :-D - Jon Smith

GenIIs look better than GenIIIs. Not that the GenIIIs look bad, but there's just something about GenIIs. The GenII front end really helped the look; the GenI front ends are absolutely repulsive. - David Medeiros


I think the Gen III's look better(love those R/T's) - Sam South

Better Ramlets than RANGERS!!!!!!!! ;-p - George S. Willhite

Well, when i look at my Dak, it has a really agressive stance, more so than any other 4x4 i've seen from the factory, and besides, you couldn't get Patriot Blue from the factory for a GenII. - The Adam Blaster

Seriously, the Gen IIs look like rangers or older...<cough, hack, cough> S-10s. Must be that funny box shape. Heck just throw a bowtie on it. ;-p - George S. Willhite

Dakotas look better with the ram styling than the rams do!!Chad Evans

Don't get me wrong I'm glad the GenI and GenII guys like their trucks. But my personal opinion was that until the GenIIIs came out there was no way I'd own one of those ugly Dakota's. - Karsh

GenIs and GenIIs are NOT ugly! (they're just not a good looking as the Gen III's, that's all) - Mark Haney

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